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Plip is a URL shortener and QR code generator. It turns your long, ugly links into short, usable URLs. It's great for social media where space is tight and you don't want a big ugly link taking up half your post. Plip is useful for hiding affiliate links, and keeping confusing parameters out of your final URL. Plip will also generate a QR Code for your shortened link! QR codes are perfect for mobile devices and times when you don't want your users to have to type in a long web address. You can easily download the generated QR code to embed in your own site or app. Then users can just scan the QR code with any QR code reader app and it will take users right to the link. Finally, Plip offers an easy to use, fast, URL shortening API so you can add link shortening functionality right to your own apps. Just sign up for an API key and you're off to the races.

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